Essay On Killing An Unborn Child

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Killing an unborn child is a very unnecessary decision, under certain circumstances it is allowed. The unborn child did not ask to be here just for you to not give the unborn child a chance. If you were raped then abortion should be an option. For example, say you are 16 and you have an 18 year old boyfriend and you end up pregnant you did that to yourself you deserve that. You have NO reason to abort that unborn baby. Now if your dad or brother or family or something terrible had happened to you and you got pregnant, that is completely understandable. “ I noticed that all of the people who support Abortion are already born.” (Mother Teresa) Killing an unborn child is a completely horrible decision in my opinion, except something’s that are…show more content…
Starting with the following: Suction Curettage, it is also known as a vacuum aspiration is generally used during the first trimester. They say unless there are complications, this procedure is done in a physician’s office or a clinic. Usually this method will happen 1-13 weeks of pregnancy. Next would be Labor Induction: this procedure will generally require a hospital of one or more days. This method is used if the doctor determines that the age of the fetus is late in the second trimester. Labor induction usually requires a longer stay and is not performed in a clinic setting. The medical risks are also a huge problem for you later on in life. For example: As with childbirth, possible complications of third trimester labor induction include infection, heavy bleeding, and high blood pressure. This is the most common abortion time period. This usually happens 14-23 weeks of pregnancy. Finally, we have our last procedure, it yet has a name for this site I found it off of: An abortion at this stage of your pregnancy may only be done if your doctor reasonably believes it is necessary to prevent your death or to preserve your health. This method usually happens within 24-40 weeks of pregnancy. (“Abortion Methods | Department of Health | State of Louisiana,

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