How Did King Henry Viii Rule

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King Henry Viii Ruled over England for more than 37 years. He was best known for having 6 wives and being the driving force behind the English reformation. When Henry came to power he was described as extremely handsome and was considered to have “superior” physical attributes, but as time passed and events occurred Henry developed into a less than aesthetically pleasing man, he lost his admirable physique and repulsed those who looked upon him. Henry’s character is an aspect which is known to be widely disagreed upon, it is accepted by most that Henry was fundamentally strong, self assured, intelligent and determined. However some argue against this and claim that Henry Vi was insecure lacked confidence and that his actions were heavily influenced by his ministers. Henry Viii was never meant to be king, succession was at first marked for his older brother Arthur. So instead Henry was being primed by his father to enter the church and quite astonishingly (due to his later reputation) grew up to be an earnestly religious man. While Henry studied his brother married the Spanish princess Catherine of…show more content…
This was later discovered to be gout which at the time was fatal due to there being no vaccine. But this would not be the only element to play a role in his death, while jousting King Henry suffered a large wound to his calve, this injury swelled to an enormous size and became infected preventing him from taking part in physical activities. With his gluttonous diet and lack of exercise Henry quickly became obese and developed type 2 diabetes. With the diabetes preventing his wound from healing and gout ravaging his kidneys, lungs and heart King Henry Viii passed away from complications at the old of 55. His legacy was passed on to his only surviving son Edward while Elizabeth and Mary waited in succession to the
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