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King James of England A king is a male ruler of and Independent state, especially one who inherits the positive by right of birth. The role of the king is to generally ruler over a kingdom. A king writes laws, signs documents and cares for a country. A very well know king that takes responsibility of a leader is King James of England. King James of England made an enormous impact on England as a ruler throughout the 15th century of England. James was born on 19 June 1566 at Edinburgh Castle and as the eldest son and heir apparent of the monarch automatically became Duke of Rothesay and Prince and Great Steward of Scotland. He was baptized "Charles James" on 17 December 1566 in a Catholic ceremony held at Stirling Castle. James's father,…show more content…
They had a son his name is Charles I of England & Elizabeth Stuart, Queen of Bohemia. When King James died all his success went to his son. Charles I died in 1612 & his wife Anne died in 1619. King James divorced his first wife, Lenor of Castile in 1229 and Mohamed Yolanda (674). Henry Frederick STUART, Prince of Wales was his other son that later became a ruler. King James enjoy writing, he wrote many books on topics such as kingship, theology, witchcraft, and tobacco (White). Not only was King James the first monarch to unite Scotland, England and Ireland into Great Britain (as he liked to call it), but he commanded the translation of the Authorized Version of 1611 of the Bible. It is also known as the Authorized King James Bible (Patterson). He also have book that’s called The Demonology, and True Law of Free…show more content…
James became the titular ruler of Scotland and gained complete control of the throne (Biography). The gunpowder plot on Nov 5, 1605 was a plan to blow up King James and parliament by catholic, but they plan didn’t work out as planned (Levi). James was the first of the Stuart rulers, he was a self-centered scholar with a little knowledge of men of Scotsman with understand of England (White). He was an alien he dressed different from the others in England. King James conserve that smokers is dangerous to the enormous and imposes a tax on tobacco. Mr. James was a powerful advocate of royal absolutism, and his disagreement with an increasingly self-assert congress set the stage for the rebellion against his inheritor “(Mathew). Accordingly he settles England’s war with Spain and held out hopes to Roman Catholics of change the penal laws against them (First). One area of the life of King James that for many years remained Clouded in controversy was allegations that James was homosexual. King James was not mourned in realienate. Either England or Scotland; undignified and long-winded and short-tempered he cause offence without Despite his physical strength King James was regarded as bung very confident with

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