King's Theory Of Goal Attainment Theory Summary

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Alligood, M. (2010). Family Healthcare With King's Theory of Goal Attainment. Nursing Science Quarterly, 23(2), 99-104. doi:10.1177/0894318410362553 Martha Alligood provides an in-depth analysis of King’s theory that was chosen as the topic for this paper. The academic journal written by Martha Alligood, RN, PhD, affiliated with East Carolina University, explains how beneficial Imogene King’s Theory of Goal Attainment is used in nursing practice. This theory helps nurses create a plan of care for patients with family inclusion. The nursing process incorporates an evaluation that concludes if desired goals were met that were set for the patient. King’s theory uses the implication of family to help patients meet these goals while also providing…show more content…
She was selected as a Fellowship of American Academy of Nursing (FAAN). In summary, her journal explains two research studies she completed with the provided funds at her disposal. The first study incorporated King’s concept of time. Although nurses think it is more time consuming to use the bar code to scan patient’s bracelet before giving medication, it has improved the level of patient safety. Messmer’s current research study shows that communication between all members of the health care team, regardless of their position, attribute to the success of benefiting the most important person, the patient. These concepts indicate how King’s theory is used in practice…show more content…
Chapter 2 provides a background of nursing theory in general. Many nursing theories have originated from numerous individuals but all are based on four common concepts which include; (1) the person (patient), (2) the environment, (3) health, (4) nursing. Theories are intertwined with the nursing process in practice. These theories developed have been used all through time and continue to be used in practice today. Theories that were developed years ago have influenced nursing to be what it is today and a wonderful profession to belong
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