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Alligood, M. (2010). Family Healthcare With King's Theory of Goal Attainment. Nursing Science Quarterly, 23(2), 99-104. doi:10.1177/0894318410362553 Martha Alligood provides an in-depth analysis of King’s theory that was chosen as the topic for this paper. The academic journal written by Martha Alligood, RN, PhD, affiliated with East Carolina University, explains how beneficial Imogene King’s Theory of Goal Attainment is used in nursing practice. This theory helps nurses create a plan of care for patients with family inclusion. The nursing process incorporates an evaluation that concludes if desired goals were met that were set for the patient. King’s theory uses the implication of family to help patients meet these goals while also providing…show more content…
The conceptual system includes the personal, interpersonal, and social systems. These three components are all in constant interaction with one another. One must understand those concepts to grasp King’s Theory of Goal Attainment. Nurse’s jobs are based on patient centered care as well as helping those patients reach their goals. As the nurse-patient relationship evolves, patient involvement is very important in order to set realistic and achievable goals. Caceres reveals the purpose for Imogene King developing her theory and the goals of…show more content…
She states the concepts of the theory of goal attainment: self, perception, communication, interaction, transaction, role, stress, growth and development, time, and space. Her journal goes into thorough details of her developed theory as well as how it is used in the nursing process, the influence and research that led her to this development as well as how critically important it is to establish a nurse-patient relationship. It is vital that the nurse recognizes the patient’s values in order to provide care for them in a way that will be most beneficial to

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