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The Classical and the Morden Kitchen Brigade. Why, when, who, where, what is the kitchen brigade and How was it established?
I chose this topic because the kitchen is the most important and busy department of a hotel as it serves the most important thing to guest and that is food, as the kitchen brigade was established in the past, it grows and without its existence, kitchens would be a mess. The kitchen brigade began on the 14th century, traveling armies had to be fed; cooks were selected from among the ranks. During peacetime, rulers set up tournaments to keep their warriors prepared for future battles; the military cooks followed knights to castles and ultimately became the cooks to kings and
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Sous Chef: the under-chef, second in command. Supervises and coordinates the various station chefs (chef de parties). Second in command when the chef de cusuine is absent. Also acts as an expediter (aboyeur) during service (usually in training to become head chef)
Chefs de Partie - various station chefs which have responsibility for a certain part of meal, which are divided according to the ingredients they specialize in, or the method of cooking. A chef de partie usually has several demi-chefs (assistant station chefs) and commis (attendants) working under them.
Demi-Chef - assistant station chef. Does most of the actual preparation of the food in the specific station they are assigned, as supervised by the station chef (chef de partie). In charge of the station if the station chef is absent.
Commis – this chef is still in training and reports to the demi chef.
Apprentice – this is the lowest chef on the classical organogram of the kitchen brigade as he is still learning and gaining skills in the kitchen and move from there to the

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