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Modern Kitchen Design Ideas

Ideas for the Modern Kitchen
Kitchen design has been revolutionized in recent decades. It is no longer treated as just a place where you prepare scrumptious meals. Today a modern kitchen is a breakfast parlor, a creative retreat for a passionate food lover and a place for entertaining friends during weekends or special occasions. The designs have also taken an innovative turn in accordance to the changing needs and requirements of the people who utilize the features of the kitchen. Most of them in contemporary homes have been refurbished and made over to suit the look of industrial kitchens with steel and wood as their primary materials. There are also eclectic and artistic home owners that experiment with modern
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The three areas of the kitchen namely the preparation, cooking and washing areas still follow the triangular pattern. Minor alterations have been made, such as adding a bar counter and a breakfast nook. You kitchen design will depend on the specific activities that are happening in the area. The clearance needed from the work counters to the island counter will always depend on the number of people that populate the area on a typical day. Counters and hanging cabinets can be built in to a back wall either horizontally or using an L-shape. There are semi-circular counters that include the sink and the preparation area on one side which is directly opposite an island with a cook top on the base counter and a range hood floating in the…show more content…
It’s been a staple in the kitchen for decades but its look has been updated with contemporary built-in banquet seats and loose chairs. These furniture pieces do not have to match or follow one monotonous design. It is the trend today to mix different pieces together to create a modern eclectic look. Some breakfast nooks today use 3-seater sofas as banquet seats because they are more flexible than the built-in ones. An eye-catching droplight will be the last touch to set the comfortable yet animated vibe in the

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