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Kitchen Tricks

In the process of designing a kitchen, it’s easy to adopt standard practices. After all, most of us have grown up in houses with kitchens. How difficult is it to observe what we’ve used, take the best of what works, and finalize the plan? Shouldn’t it be just that easy?

The problem is that even if it turns out to be functionally correct, the result may be visually boring. That’s when it pays to bring in a little radical thinking to break the monotony.

The basic philosophy behind these tricks is simply to look beyond the usual. If we want to do something really special, we need to stretch our imaginations. Every designer has a bag of tricks to overcome problem areas or chase away the blahs and here are a few of my best.

Pulling cabinets -
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They can be used to vary the lines of the kitchen and add interest. Why not use standard 30” H wall cabinets everywhere except over the range? Take that one to the ceiling. Or, taller cabinets on the ends with shorter cabinets in between? This creates space to display plants, dishes, or other objects.

Mixing finishes - Most people look at cabinets and make a decision on a specific wood or color and go with it throughout. Why not use different colors together for accent. The all white kitchens which are prevalent, today, could be warmed up by introducing wood elements. Focal point, open shelf, and specialty cabinets, together with crown moldings and other trim done in soft stained tones makes for a beautiful contrast. Bolder results can be achieved using black and white or light and dark stains.

Recessing a refrigerator - Larger refrigerators are wonderful to use. But, the depth of them can be a real problem in a small kitchen. They can be recessed into the wall allowing us the luxury of large size with only the doors sticking out beyond the cabinets. The overall gain may only be 3 or 4 inches, but in a small kitchen, that works

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