Essay On Knee Dislocation

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Knee Dislocation

It’s painful to see someone suffering from a dislocated knee, but even more so if it happened to you Although knee dislocations are considered rare, and only accounts for about less than 0.5 percent of joint dislocations, it could happen to anyone.

Women, such as female athletes, are more at risk of having knee dislocations due to their body structure. While women have wider and shapely hips than men, these add more stress on their knees making them more prone to knee injuries.

Aside from women, younger people who are aged 10 to 20 years old are also at risk of knee dislocations since they are more active and do a lot of movement.

Knee Dislocation: What Is It and What Causes It

A knee dislocation is a type of knee injury wherein your kneecap moves out of its normal position.
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Though your knee ligaments are tough, these unfortunate incidents could cause the tearing of your ligaments leaving your knee joints loosely connected which will then lead to a knee dislocation.

Common Signs and Symptoms of Knee Dislocation

Not because you experience pain on one of your knees, it doesn’t mean that your knee is already dislocated. However, if you experience most of these signs and symptoms, it is indicative that you have knee dislocation.

Your kneecap is obviously out of place. A knee dislocation is present when your leg doesn’t seem to be aligned due to your dislocated kneecap. Most often, when your knee experienced a severe impact, your kneecap will move from the center to the side, either left or right.

Your kneecap feels all wobbly. When you try to touch your kneecap, you could easily move it on either side since the ligaments are torn making your kneecap too loose. Though your kneecap could relocate back on its original place without any intervention, in most cases, you need a medical professional to pop your kneecap
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