Personal Narrative: Knots In My Life

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Knots in my Life Everyone has knots and struggles in their lifetime that we have to untie an overcome. Jerry Spinelli was very famous for the book “Knots in My Yo-Yo String. I have many knots and mental blocks in my life as a middle schooler. One of the biggest mental blocks for me is from my nine years of gymnastics. A knot in my life was formed by a couple of terrifying events that happened in the past. My knot is a mental block for a skill in gymnastics. On the balance beam I have a fear of doing back handsprings. I have fallen multiple times on my back handsprings on beam, but a few times they have lead to injuries. At gymnastics practice on December 8th, 2017, when we had a meet that weekend, I did a back handspring on beam which didn't really end well. I had done all of the events that day except beam, and I was very confident for my back handsprings. My back handsprings on beam were going very well and I was very excited and confident to compete them for the first time. My coach was telling my teammates and I that we had about twenty minutes left of practice. I got onto the beam very excited and positive to do the back handsprings. I…show more content…
The more times you do the skill, the more comfortable you get with the skill mentally and physically. I have done many back handsprings on beam lately, and it seems like they are getting easier every practice. When you mess up and get hurt from a skill and you are scared to do it you have to remember two steps. First, you need to do the skill as soon as possible after the accident. The longer you wait to do the skill the scarier it is going to get. Second, if you have been working on a skill for a long time think of all the good ones you have done, and it's better to get the hard ones done first. There are many more techniques to get rid of a mental block, but that was the one technique I
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