Imagination Vs Knowledge

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A famous scientist by the name of Albert Einstein once said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” Some people say knowledge is power, but I believe imagination is power. I agree that imagination is more important than knowledge because it is unique and creative, it creates our future, and it helps with learning in the classroom. First, imagination is more important than knowledge because it is unique and creative. Imagination is defined as the action of forming new ideas, images, or concepts. Synonyms for imagination are creativity, originality, ingenuity, and innovation. Imagination shapes our world. Knowledge combined with experience equals imagination, which equals something new. For example, Albert Einstein took his experience…show more content…
Knowledge is passed down from one person to the other. Whatever knowledge someone obtained most likely came from someone else. When we use knowledge we create the same things over and over again. We create the same problems, the same structures, and the same ideas. Imagination shapes our world. Unlike knowledge, imagination will move us forward to create the future. For example, doctors and scientists are working towards the future. Doctors and scientists are using the imagination in their brain to create cures for cancer, HIV/AIDs, Alzheimer's disease, malaria, and tuberculosis. They can not only use knowledge to create a cure. Doctors and scientists have to reach beyond the knowledge and use imagination to create cures to stop these diseases in the future. Also, imagination will help to create our future on Mars. Imagination contributes to many aspects of the project. If the planet is habitable, we need to figure out how to get there, what supplies we need, and how will we live on the planet. We have to imagine a plan that is effective for us. To build a spacecraft to get us to Mars, we need to imagine a design that is suitable to get us there. Knowledge does help with the Mars project, but imagination does most of the work. There is no knowledge without the imagination. All knowledge we have now comes from somebody’s imagination. We imagine new things every day that creates our future. For instance, we imagine new technologies. With imagination, robots could roam the US, maybe even the world, in the next ten years. We could have talking computer programs and AI machines that can perform tasks without us having to do it. There are so many possibilities imagination opens up for us in the future. What we create our future to look like depends on how much we use our imagination. Not only does imagination create the future, but it also helps with learning in the
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