Essay On Knowledge And Knowledge

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For thousands of years it is known that humans have had the ability to desire knowledge. We have been in search of answers to solve the unknown, as knowing has provided us with comfort throughout our lives. However, whilst searching for knowledge and finding it, one must ask whether knowledge is able to lead us to doubt. We encounter with a paradox when we are able to contradict ourselves, yet if more knowledge is able to lead us to doubt it is also possible that it may lead us to the growth of our conceptual schemes. Religion is an area of knowledge based on belief systems offering answers to the purpose and meaning of life through faith. On the contrary, Natural sciences seek laws of nature through the use of a scientific method to formulate answers. The different approaches to acquire knowledge between both areas of knowledge will allow this investigation to provide an understanding of how doubt influences the gain of knowledge, and how it affects it. In the case of Religion, it has been a convenient area of knowledge that has allowed humanity to put itself out of discomfort. The largest and oldest religions in the world tend to base their beliefs on ancient scriptures written thousands of years ago. Nonetheless, society had changed over time, leading…show more content…
We do not always tend to live our lives debating on both, yet we learn to choose one over the other. A balance exists between both doubt and confidence when one influences the other. It is known that the first steps to acquiring knowledge have risen from asking questions. Doubt has always motivated us to seek the truth, however, is doubt truly always applicable? From the point of view of natural sciences, doubt has widened our knowledge through research. Doubtfulness leads scientists to formulate theories and ideas that are researched in depth, often leading to multiple experiments to come to a
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