Essay On Knowledge Is Power

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As a late 16th century English philosopher by the name of Francis Bacon once said, “Knowledge is power”. Not only do I wholly agree with this statement, I think it even goes a little beyond just power for me. I believe that knowledge and education develops you in 4 of the 5 aspects of health: Social, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual, with the only one it may not develop (or very minimally if at all) being Physical. Having an education and general knowledge assists you out in the real world greatly also.
With our economy in a tight situation and employment not looking so bright, many people are going back to school, and this is great thing, but is it worth it if you only see it as a means to get a better paying job? I believe it can be worth it if you're in serious need of a higher paying job, but for those who aren't in need of it but seek an education for its instrumental value just for making themselves look better on a resume, I disagree with. This is my opinion because I believe that knowledge is a tool for self-improvement, I want to
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Education mentally develops you because mentality is the ability to think, with higher education you may delve deeper into thought, thus, knowledge does develop you mentally. Education can develop you emotionally because knowing more means you can begin to know yourself better, or at least in my personal experience. Which is the key step to being healthy emotionally. And the development of the spiritual aspect through knowledge is almost identical to developing mentally, it allows you to delve deeper into thought, thus allowing you to delve deeper into your own spirituality, and learn more about yourself, and maybe even a higher power? If that’s your
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