Ethics And Shared Knowledge Essay

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Imane Maachouk
March 17, 2018

With reference to ethics as an area of knowledge, discuss the way in which shared knowledge can shape personal knowledge.
Knowledge helps people make sense of the world, it reflects awareness and understanding of a subject gained through facts, information, skills, and experience. Knowledge can be expressed in different areas, called the areas of knowledge, which include; mathematics, the human sciences, history, religion, the arts, and ethics. This essay will focus on ethics which are the moral principles that control a person’s behaviour and perspective, these moral principles distinguish what is right from wrong. Knowledge can also be divided into shared knowledge and personal knowledge depending on
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One could say that the relationship between these two types of knowledge is duplex, where the domains shape one another. As an exemplification, in art, individuals are inspired by art works they are exposed to, which utilizes their intuition and imagination. The arts satisfy our olfactory senses and have the goal to entertain and inspire the audience. Music is a special art form as its medium is sound. The shared knowledge affects people differently since performance from Mozart has a different sound than a performance from another artist. Many factors are different, such as sound and rhythm. Essentially, the music shapes one’s personal knowledge. Music varies from different cultures, which can also be a product of personal experience and creativity. The different aspect of music such as the quality of tone and strength affect people in different areas of knowledge as art has the ability to communicate with people on different levels. The way art is linked to ethics is in one major way which is plagiarism. Since ethics discuss what is morally wrong and morally right, plagiarism is universally known to be an unethical movement. Stealing lyrics or tempos in songs, using people’s faces or ideas in art, make it unethical which leads to plagiarism and

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