Civil War: The Korean Peninsula

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The Korea Peninsula or otherwise referred to as Korean Peninsula is a peninsula in Eastern part of the Asian

continent. It extend towards south for about 1,100 kilometers into the Pacific Ocean from the continental Asia. The Korean

peninsula is surrounded by East China Sea which is to its south, the East Sea which is more commonly known as Sea of Japan is to

its east and Yellow sea is to the west on the peninsula. Korea Straight connects the East China Sea and Sea of Japan. The northern

bounderies of the Korean peninsula is the same as the political border between North Korea and its neighbours which are People's

Republic of China and The Russian Federation. North Korea has a 1,416 km long border with China whereas a relatively
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Regardless, there ensued a civil war in Korea. The Korean war can be regarded as civil war because not very long

ago Korea was one political entity and both North Korea and South Korea considered the Korean peninsula to be under one

authority and wanted unification of Korea. However the extent of military force employed by North Korea soon made it clear that it

was a full scale military attack on South Korea. Americans had not heavily armed the South Koreans because, as NCS-68 document

points out, Eastern part of Asia was of leeser concern to United States and to some extent they realized the obsession of Rhee to

unify Korea could make him take military action if provided with enough resources.
It was imperative from the perspective of United States to counter this aggression because it was highly unlikely for North Korea

to have acted without the support of its Allies, namely, PRC and USSR. And since cold war had already began, letting such action

slide by could be interpreted as a weakness of United States. The UN also sanctioned the war against North Korea because of
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However by the time all of this transpired, The PRK Forces has already cornered ROK Forces

to Pusan in the south of the peninsula. Due to the military brilliance of the General McArthur the tide turned against the PRK forces

and the ROK/UN/US forces regained control of the south and further started taking control of territories to the north including

The Chinese, seeing this as a threat, indirectly joined the war through an army of volunteers. They managed to push back

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