Essay On Korean Archery

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archery. Japanese archery (Kyujutsu) is modernly used as a form of human development, unlike in the past wherein a bow was a weapon of war or hunting. Nowadays, Kyudo- “The Way of the Bow”- is considered as a martial art (DeProspero and DeProspero n.p.). Japanese archers have gone through specific and unusual training sessions in order for them to recreate the form of battle their ancestors once did with their bows. Similarly, Korean archery has a different way of inculcating the sport into their modern culture. An infamous bow company called Win&Win originated completely from South Korea, one of the homes of the world’s greatest archers. They are known for only using the best material in creating their bows and have conducted specific scientific experiments to make sure that the equipment they are promoting are of top quality (“Win&Win bow technology” 3). Naturally, with such specific computations, Korean archers would have a great advantage over their opponents in competitions. One of the most renowned Korean archers would be Kisik Lee, the coach and mentor of most Olympian gold medalists…show more content…
Hoyt Archery is one of the leading manufacturers of both compound and recurve bows, although they prioritize the manufacturing of the former rather than the latter. “For years, bowhunting has been an American tradition passed down from one generation to the next.” (Walk 1) For years, the United States has been known for its use of bows as a hunting weapon and for years, Hoyt has created bows to answer to that need. It is almost beautiful to see people promoting their heritage in such an unusual manner and yet it remains as one of the world’s leading brands for archery
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