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For any country, one’s culture is an important aspect. Culture can be portrayed in many different ways and one of those ways is what is seen on the big screen – cinema. Cinema changes and progresses as time goes on and what happens socially and politically in the state. Korean cinema experienced the transformation of the Korean family. The history of Korean cinema industry is considered to be dynamic as they were able to build the market from absolutely nothing to one of the biggest cinema industry in the world. Korea went under what is known as “compressed modernization” which was a time when every aspect of the society and culture was developing at such a fast pace and consistently changing. After the Korean war and due to the major economic…show more content…
The concept of a dysfunctional family and new views of motherhood and fatherhood were portrayed in Korean films such as Punch and Madame Freedom. These films were able to explore these two topics that were not really brought about in Korean cinema quite before and it showed the transformation of the model of the Korean family through the films.
Three years after the Korean War, Madame Freedom was released in 1956. This movie portrayed women in a different light that was not quite seen before. Previously it was known that Korea lived under strict patriarchy formulating gender roles for males and females. This film was released after the Korean War, which was a time where hundreds of people were suffering. It was also at this time that modernization was taking place and Western values and views were starting to appear in Korea. South Korea as well a lot of other Asian countries lived by Confucian values. Despite Confucianism losing most its power in the state, it still was a foundation for a lot of values and ethics that define social stability and hierarchy when it came to gender relations, work, and family life (Kim & Finch 43). Due to the rapid modernization and outcomes from the war, it slowly started to change men’s

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