Essay On Korean Law

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Diverse aspects of Korea have been argued among scholars for decades. The intimate traditions of the Korean law system have been agreed by many that it was influenced by the Japanese from the colonial period. Marie Seong-Hak Kim describes Korea as a country being ‘Japanized’ by Japan’s customary law; Korea has adopted Japan’s legal system by Japan’s continuous efforts to unify Korea with Japan’s culture and characteristics. Apart from the accusations of Japan’s relationship with Korea, the comparison of Korea with France also takes place due to the fact that France was the first to develop the idea of customary law. Kim mentions the concepts of customs and the importance of its meaning not only in Korea, but also in other East Asian countries. Currently, the judicial system is governed so that justice is served for the individuals that have been unlawfully claimed or victimized. Compared to the law system today, the system from centuries ago was far from “existed not as a means of regulating…show more content…
Under the Japanese colonial regime, Korea suffered a great deal which resulted in the reluctance of acknowledging Japan’s influence that evolved Korea into a bigger country. In addition, Korea still believes that after the inheritance of independence, Korea designed their own systems that led to the maintenance of the country we have today. On the other hand, as Kim mentioned, Korean historians fail to notice and recognize Japan’s efforts that helped Korea to become the country it has become. As Kim states, “such an acknowledgement can lead to a constructive step forward in the direction of Korean legal scholarship, shifting away from justifying and defending Korea’s tradition by using the very colonial discourse …”
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