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How Far Should LED Lights Be From Plants
If you have just gotten your LED light, it is necessary that you use it rightly to obtain maximum yield and development. More often than not, people you might get confused on the right amount of exposure or the optimum distance to keep the LED lights from your plant.
This might be partly because it is quite difficult to state precisely what distance should LED lights be from the plants. However, I present a useful guideline from which you can gradually draw the lights to the tent the more while watching your plants carefully.
By this way, you can determine the best location for your specific plants. I bet this is the very best advice you can ever get. The most ideal distance to hang the LED lights depends on a lot of things such that nobody could ever give a
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The light appears dull and it does not radiate heat, but it still can burn the plants nevertheless.
As such, it is essential that you monitor your garden closely when you begin to use a new LED light till you attain the most suitable hanging height for your light. A lot of these lights come with recommended hanging distance for that particular LED lights.
If you have purchased a LED light that comes with a recommend hanging height, it is advisable to first try out the their suggested height and keep an eye on your plant very well and switch the lights off if it appears they are getting scorched by the light’s radiations.
Should it be that the plants are doing well, you can lower the height of the LED light until you get to a stage where they start bleaching the plants. Then, switch them off again and get your perfect height.
Maintaining the right height to hang your LED light and the plants is necessary for great photosynthesis and development. The LED light gives the ray of lights required for your plant to develop and sprout

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