Arguments Against LGBTQ

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ys such a hard thing to find because many aren't going out of their comfort zone and society always question why or how are they scared? I really support LGBT and have an interest on it because of the people around me. There’s so little of them working and covering up their identity. So many of them are getting mistreated and discriminated and harder to find jobs. Why is LGBTQ treated differently at the workplace? Many LGBTQ are scared they might get fired from their there job because they’re due to being different from other workers. Many LGBTQ think that they are at a lower advantage from job because many people look down or hate on them. There’s so little of LGBT worker that are actually working and are coming out due to bring food to…show more content…
Employer judged them based on their sexual orientation and gender identity. Which makes them really uncomfortable in the workplace. Some rude thing they said as, “that you’re going to physically assault them. Or, most ridiculous of all, that you’ll leave AIDS on the toilet seat.” (Ang) Which is just a excuse to say go away or don’t use the same bathroom as I do cause I’m scared. Using those offended words to discriminate them and makes them feel bad about themself. LGBT are not being treated equally like normal workers. Some company are looking for all women or all men only in the workplace. Some like there self to be call different that makes it hard for them to either say i’m a lesbian, bisexual, transgender, gay and so on. Plus the payment and promotion is unlikely for LGBTQ just because they are different and most of the time not in the CEO favor. Many time its due to not making them noticeable so there won't be a big effect on the company or would just scared away consumer that dislike LGBTQ. They'll get discriminate many times before finding the right…show more content…
Also many countries like India, have colonial-law that discrimate agasint LGBTQ and straight up fired them if they are caught. According to The Business Impact of LGBT-Supportive Workplace Policies written in 2013 list many factors of how to or the outcome if they listen to the information giving such as increasing openness about being LGBT, improving health and well- being outcomes, increasing job satisfaction, and improving relationship with coworkers and supervisor all base on if you treat everyone equally. Still no one would do anything about if the CEO of the company doesn't agree on the policies and go off on it. Many company are starting to practice acceptance of LGBT in
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