Essay On LGBT Youth

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The lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people are victims of harassment and discrimination. The LGBT teens are mistreated and bullied in school due to their gender identity. Verbal, physical, and indirect bullying is one of the significant problems of these adolescents when in school. Teenage bullying in schools created a negative impact on the academic performance and developmental health of the LGBT youth and also on our society. Bullied LGBT students experience deterioration in academic performance at school. To begin with, the teens experience verbal, physical, and indirect bullying. The gender identity of the LGBT youth caused them to be criticized with unfavorable comments. For example, people make fun of them through negative name-calling. In the Philippines, people use indigenous LGBT terms such as tibo,…show more content…
The inferiority caused them to acquire a low self-esteem, which leads to a high level of insecurity and the deterioration of one’s confidence. The group of DLSU students also conducted an interview on a gay, lesbian, and two bisexual students. The respondents were asked if they were open about their sexual orientation to other individuals. Two of the respondents answered that they were not open about their gender identity to others since they know that they will be treated differently and it is not really accepted in this society to be something other than a heterosexual (Garcia, Ignacio, King, Lee, Pamorada, 2014). Due to the fact that the community is not fully accepted with open arms, the LGBT youth are afraid of being themselves when with other peers. Based on the conducted survey where the respondents were asked about their thoughts regarding the LGBTs, 19.04% of the respondents described LGBT or homosexuality as a misfit or an act against the order of nature, 4.7% described them as unethical and individuals that are involved in immoral
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