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Labyrinthitis overview What is labyrinthitis? Labyrinthitis is an ear disorder that affects the maze and its hearing by the responsible structures (cochlea) and balance (vestibule). People often call any disturbance in the internal ear labyrinthitis region. The correct term is labyrinthine, labyrinthitis being one of them. The hearing usually returns to normal. In some cases, however, the hearing loss may be permanent. causes The causes of labyrinthitis are not yet clear. But it is known, however, that infections and inflammation are the main causes for the disease, such as otitis media and the cold . Other factors, although with less frequency, can also cause labyrinthitis, such as tumors, neurological diseases, mechanical compression, genetic…show more content…
The acute phase of the disease appears suddenly, without warning, and usually last from minutes to hours to days, depending on the intensity of the crisis. When triggered by cold or flu, the symptoms of labyrinthitis usually take about one to two weeks to appear. Labyrinthitis does not cause fainting, but the recommendation is that the person avoid bedtime to not aggravate dizziness. diagnosis In the medical consultation Do not hesitate to seek medical attention if you suspect labyrinthitis. Be aware of symptoms and careful not to confuse vertigo with dizziness because, although similar, are different symptoms and may indicate different problems. It is common to feel as if everything around him was spinning during a vertigo crisis. In the dizziness, the feeling is of balance, lightheadedness, unsteadiness, as if stepping on empty and falling. Be prepared for the consultation can facilitate diagnosis and optimize the time, so you can ask other questions to the doctor. This way, you can now get to the consultation with some information: A list of all your symptoms and how long they appeared Medical history, including other conditions you have and medications or supplements that you take

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