Essay On Lack Of Education In Africa

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Lack of Education in Africa Education is better in some places of the world and worse in others. An example of countries with excellent education would be countries like China, Japan, or America, but for some odd reason Africa gets shamed for having the worst education system. Education is critical for the future of our youth and for our overall community, so it is time to have a perfect education system for all. The political environment is necessary for advanced education, but so is funding. In addition to being influenced by historical factors, contemporary African education systems are shaped by the political and economic environment (Lewis 55). The children's parents can barely afford to pay for their children to eat and have a roof over their head, so what makes their government think they can afford to pay for school fees? Kids all over Africa are not attending school for many reasons, fees being the biggest reason. If there are kids attending school in Africa, they will go sometimes for sure because, why not? But other times these kids will not attend school because their parents tell them not to go so their kids can help them get extra money if their income declines. As of right now I believe kids should have access to a free, good quality education. It's not fair that these kids get held from going to school when they…show more content…
While these kids are trying to come to school while they can, these teachers aren’t at school sometimes. In fact, Kenyan teachers are absent on average for half of the time. South Africa languishes at the bottom of the international league table for maths and science (Pota web). We are in need of more, better educators in Africa. Educators who can actually come to their class! South Africa needed a higher education delivery system which could provide training to more than 400,000 educators (“South Africa tries”
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