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How does a lack of quality education affect an individual? A person’s entire livelihood is usually affected by the education they got in school. Requirements of good jobs consider the quality of education one received, meaning that those who went to poor-quality schools are at a risk of unemployment or low income jobs. Consequently, living in low standards will cause them to be unable to cater for their basic necessities. NATIONAL PERSPECTIVE What is the effect of lack of quality education? The risk of having quality education in some areas and poor education in others is that the gap between the rich and poor grows bigger. In Kenya, so many possible leaders of tomorrow have lost the chance of bringing positive change to their society, because the education they…show more content…
If quality education is provided throughout the country: • Gender equality will be promoted because students would have learned that each gender equally contributes to the society. This will also promote equal opportunities (in the workplace and school) for both genders in the society. • Economic growth and development will be boosted because the skills and intellectual capital that are increasingly important in a modern economy, will be provided in schools. • Poverty will reduce because most citizens, if not all, will have gotten a quality education enabling them to find jobs to earn an income. The gap between the rich and poor will definitely decrease. The effects of quality education on a global scale: • Quality education will promote and foster peace among countries, enabling them to solve disputes in a civilized manner. This could reduce the risk of war by 3%. • Quality education will allow people to understand and address the impacts of Global Warming, one of the biggest challenges of this generation and most probably other generations to

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