Essay On Lacrosse Industry

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As we brainstormed our idea and how to market it three factors were involved with this; geographics, demographics, and the psychographics of our target market. Our target market is all lacrosse coaches, players, recreational lacrosse teams, school teams, and professional lacrosse teams. Our product would be sold nationally as well as international but specifically marketed where lacrosse is a popular pastime. For example, since there is much more demand for our net in the United States and Canada than China, then that would be where we would more specifically market our product too. Nick and I decided the main target market for the reboundable lacrosse net would be to the age group of high school students and above since there are minimal recreational lacrosse teams for younger children.…show more content…
There is no specific ethnicity or occupation to our target market. The income of our target market would be anywhere from low-middle class. This is for the reason that the majority of our consumers would be able to afford expensive lacrosse gear anyway if they play it so a reboundable net would be in their budget. Since the target market for our product is mostly lacrosse players and teams than the psychographics would be in relation to that. Our target market would be outgoing and athletic. By being athletic, obviously, they would be in shape, love to exercise, have a need to succeed, as well as a desire to improve their playing ability. The reboundable net provides an easier way to practice, this would be particularly a benefit to players who may not have the ability to always practice with a partner or team, this would be a benefit to any hard working player with the motivation and mindset to always practice. The main psychographic would be an interest and knowledge of the game lacrosse as well as having the necessary equipment to play the
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