Essay On Lady Macbeth Responsible For Duncan's Death

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In the play of Macbeth, there are some characters that could be responsible for Duncan’s death. I personally think Lady Macbeth is the cause of Duncan's murder. She is the most ambitious to kill the king in the beginning of the play, pressuring Macbeth. Lady Macbeth was persuasive of driving Macbeth to commit the murder. She manipulates him to go through with the murder even though he was very doubtful about it. Despite of the fact other characters may have partially play a part to the murder of King Duncan such as the three witches and Macbeth himself, she was the main motivator of the execution as her role was the most prominent. Without her arousing Macbeth into committing the murder of Duncan, this killing would not have happened. When…show more content…
Macbeth states to Lady Macbeth, “we will proceed no further in this business” (I, VII) since he almost finally decides to refuse to kill Duncan. However, Lady Macbeth uses different manipulative methodologies towards Macbeth and persuades him to consult the killing of Duncan. “So green and pale” (I, VII), Lady Macbeth even called him a coward. From the same scene, she mentions, “From this time, such I account thy love”, implying that if Macbeth cant stay steady concerning the murder of the king, then she will consider his love for her to be as similarly conflicting. Later in scene, Lady Macbeth states that if she had made such a promise as Macbeth did to her, she would “dash the brains out” of her own child as “it was smiling in her fail”. However Lady Macbeth makes it absolutely clear that if he is brave enough, it is impossible to fail. These quotes show how Lady Macbeth is controlling her husband and she proves herself be the most responsible of Duncan’s death. Some people may say that three witches are the most responsible of the death of Duncan. Macbeth never considered murdering king Duncan until he saw the prophecies of the witches. If the battle against Norway ended and Macbeth and Banquo had gone home without meeting the witches, Duncan probably would have survived. When he found out that the second prophecy was true, Macbeth contemplated the third prophecy. Even by hearing
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