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‘The processes through which land degradation occurs in steeplands, the land management practices which can be employed to counter this, and the social and economic conditions which will be favourable for this to occur’.


For the purpose of this essay I will focus on primary causes of land degradation processes found in steeplands and best land management practises that could be applied, including their social and economic aspects. Because of the length limit of this paper I will describe only some techniques that I find the most advantageous. I will not only present their positive features but also their inconveniences and major obstacles in implementing. In order to give some practical example I will illustrate some case studies
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First, I would like to define what steepland actually is. Steepland is a relative term, affected by local experience, conditions and technology (Unit 5, p.10). Shaxson (1999) defines steepland as land with an average slope of more than 12%, which is approximately equal to 7°. According to ACIAR (2001) steep marginal lands are those that have gradients that directly constrain agricultural production or are subjected to rapid degradation if they are not carefully managed when developed for agriculture (Unit 5, p.10). According to FAO steeplands often pose specific problems to agriculture and the environment because the steep slopes and accidental relief result in shallow soils that are very prone to erosion and landslides. Most of the land degradation problems found in steeplands occur in gently sloping areas, but the difficulties become more severe as slope gradient increases (Shaxson 1999, p.1). In particular, the steeper the slope the more rapid are the land degrading processes of soil erosion, runoff and mass movement due to the effect of the earth’s gravitational field (Shaxson 1999, p.1). Runoff together with erosion is damaging soil productivity through loss of water and by removal of soil physical, chemical and biological consistencies (Shaxson 1999,

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