Wildlife Industry Essay

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have so many roles in human to collect water for example the uses of residential, industrial, agricultural, educational, experimental environment and forest land use. Watershed area contain million species of plant for medicinal or other industrial that not all have recognize until today and as a wildlife habitat. With the million species of plant and wildlife, watershed also promote tourism industry increase in Malaysia. Whereas, each year the total of tourist increase directly affect of the foreign exchange. So it’s also involve in importance of economic industry in our country. Logging industry also famous in Malaysia as a big country provide timber to another developed country because with our great climate we have the high quality of timber. So, we need to protect our forest that action as a watershed to survival for the next generation.
2.3 Wildlife Habitats
Next is wildlife habitat is refer to place or area where is wildlife continuing to life in our ecosystem. Traditionally wildlife including plants, fungi and other organism that grow or live wild in an area without introduce by human. All ecosystem like deserts, forests, rain forests, plains, grasslands, and other areas have their own species of wildlife. Wetland and watershed in our country is the big source for wildlife habitats, but for the long decades we still continue destroy this habitat for our self-benefit. The
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The big issue related with the watershed, wetland and wildlife habitats are illegal logging activity, forest distinction and change with opening the large scale of palm oil and rubber tree farm, cut down of mangrove for developing material and wetland has been drain to make sure the location suitable for development including building construction. Below is the following roles of Land Use Planning to prepare the best location for next

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