Essay On Landline Telephone

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The invention of the landline telephone made a symbolic impact on the lives of people as a communication tool; it totally changed the way we communicated. There are numerous studies which justified the reasons for the acquisition of landline telephones as being more functional, than social. Being a stationary device, one can miss the delivery of crucial information whilst being away from its location. With the development of the mobile phone and the technology that it revealed, it overwhelmed the permanence of the landline. Besides texting and voice capabilities, most modern mobile phones offer cutting-edge technology and applications such contacts information including email addresses, a camera, an alarm clock, a calendar with a daily planner, an audio and video recorder and easy access to the world wide web and an seeming infinite list of other mobile applications. Many areas worldwide have experienced accelerated distribution and high instances of diffusion of these mobile devices. According to Katz (2008), “Mobile telephony has permeated across cultural groups,…show more content…
There is a distinct advantage of mobility which positively affects improvement in relations with family, friends, and also prevent isolation of members from society. A perception of general safety of individuals is realized. According to Balasubramanian, Peterson and Jarvenpaa (2002), “one of the advantages of mobile phones is that the recipient can be contacted during leisure times and at times and in situations where it would not be possible to reach with other methods.” This method makes it perfect for receiving instantaneous messages at any geographical location. Most parents would openly state that the role of a mobile phone towards safety and emergency situations is one of the vital uses of why their charges possess and carry the device. Staying connected is a vital advantage of mobile
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