Essay On Language Acquisition

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People get language from custom, habit, and learning process. The first language is acquired through habit and custom, which is generally called language acquisition. Acquisition itself is the act of getting something, especially knowledge, a skill, etc (Hornby, 2000). L2 is generally learned, few people acquire L2, which is generally called as language acquisition. It is possible if there is opportunity for them to get use the language in the speech community peaking the language. Besides, English has many interrelationships with various aspect of life owned by human being, such as: politics, economics, social, culture, technology, and especially education. In Indonesia, English is considered as the first foreign language and is taught formally from elementary school up to the university level. English is became a subject in curriculum that has to be learnt by students. English as a foreign language in Indonesia is acquired through learning process. Learning is acquiring or getting of knowledge of a subject or a skill by study, experience, or instruction (Brown, 1994: 7). English will be probably considered as a second language if there is opportunity for the people to get and use this in the speech…show more content…
First, it is a must for the teacher to be a familiar with the text so that he can provide a brief and focused introduction. The teacher should model the strategies and support learners in using them. It is absolutely essential for the teacher to regularly monitor the learner’s use of the strategies. In this case, the teacher plays his role as a facilitator, without directly evaluates and corrects the students playing their role in group interaction. The next thing is the teacher should use information gained through monitoring as a guide to the further support and practice needed by the
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