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Power means an ability of effectiveness which means it produces effects in whatever it is concerned on.
Language in all its context is a powerful medium of communication. It helps us to tap into the collective experience of the community. In this case, the English language has succeeded its counterparts in mass communication and its impressions of power has clearly been showcased for some time till this day; thanks to globalization. The language first began to spread during the sixteenth century, with the British Empire, and was strongly reinforced in the twentieth century by the US, creating a world domination in economics, politics and military aspects. The huge influence of American cinema movies helped a lot in this expansion too.
Throughout history we have experienced the power of language through imperialism, nationalism, colonialism and propaganda which is present till current day. Evidently English is the most known lingua franca in all the world and accounted as the world’s media language. As a language it has been part of the above features strongly and have impacted the world similarly.

When talking about power of language, it not only means language in the service of power, but that language can also undermine power and contains a very special kind of it.
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In a broader view it is about how language works to maintain and change power relations in the society, and how understanding these processes can enable people to resist and change them. Huge changes in social life have taken place and changed them from the historic past, and likewise the power of language has become greater. The power of the English language for example, has grown exemplary as the language of education, law and business management. Furthermore, change politically has also contributed to the power changes. In propaganda it has been used creatively to communicate vast number of ideas for particular objectives and

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