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Language awareness or metalinguistic awareness refers to knowledge about language an individual has or should have of his native or second language. Myers-Scotton, (2006) states that the term metalinguistic knowledge [emphasis added] has been used in many different ways, but that its basic meaning is getting to know about the abstract character of language. Bialystok (2001a: 127 as cited by Myers-Scotton, 2006) puts it this way, “To the extent that a learner has metalinguistic knowledge, second language acquisition [emphasis added] is facilitated because a language template is available” (p. 23). Language teachers should know what languages are and how they are acquired or learned. Language acquisition and language learning are two different…show more content…
Myers-Scotton, (2006) pp. 293-294 classifies them as coordinate, compound, simultaneous, or sequential bilinguals. Early and late bilingualism have gone under a number of researches to find out how it develops and how literacy skills in two languages take place. This is one of my concerns in developing language awareness or metalinguistic awareness in teachers as well as learners to help them become competent communicatively speaking. Immigration, employment and educational opportunities are among some of the main reasons to become a bilingual…show more content…
It is not only reflecting on every aspect of communication, language or learning, but taking action in dealing with each aspect during the teaching learning process in language or bilingual education. One of the main concerns administrators have or should have is providing learners for better opportunities for developing proficiency in a language in order to do well in school. To support the above, monolingual and bilingual teachers should be instructed in developing communicative competence and language teaching strategies and skills to help learners reach their

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