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Language contact seems to embody various types or varieties of languages in that it comes when two or more languages or varieties interact. Language contact study is called contact linguistics. Multilingualism has been common throughout much of human history, today most people in the world are multilingual. Typically, when people of different tongues interact, their languages are influenced. Language contact result from migration. It can also be brought about by an interaction between ad stratum languages. An intrusive language generally acts as either a super stratum or a substratum. It occurs in a variety of phenomena, including language convergence, borrowing and relexification. Pidgins, mixed languages, creoles, and code-switching are some of the most common products of language contact. Other hybrid…show more content…
It came about due to the need of some way of communicating with each other in order to carry out trade or work. The shipping of slaves from the west African coast to the West Indies or the United States created various pidgins. Pidgins are normally very simple from a grammatical point of view. Creole is a natural language that is stably developed from a simplified language or mixture of languages used by non-native speakers becoming native when their children adopt it as their mother tongue followed by a fully developed vocabulary and system of grammar (Lorenzo, 2011). A pidgin becomes a creole when it is learned as a first language by a new generation. The creole takes on all the functions needed by the speech community and is, in most cases, not limited to certain functions. Some creoles go through the above-described standardization process and go on to become the official language. A good example is the Afrikaans language that comprises of a Dutch superstrate and English and Bantu
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