Essay On Language Culture And Society

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The Language Culture and Society programme provides us with strong theoretical and interdisciplinary foundation for the study of a range of educational practices across the human lifespan and in a range of theoretical and methodological perspective is brought to bear on studies that explore the nature of literate practices, democracy and civic engagement and participation in social life. The programme focuses on relationships between education school and the dynamics and changing structures of language, culture, and society. It examines connection between broader, social, cultural, linguistic, historical, aesthetic and political factors in education and the local context in which these issues take place.
It has long been recognized that language is an essential and important part of a given culture and that the impact of culture upon a given language is something intrinsic and indispensible. Language is a social phenomenon. It denotes that the expressive mode of a man reveals his socialistic process and thus the expression is a
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Society as a periphery covers and reflects the inner cultural vein through it symbolic implicature. It becomes authentic through a time –tested fixed symbol and gets surfaced through the mode of repression by the community in concern a society consists of planned interaction among people. These interactions involve communication. The structure of communication system determines more than anything else the boundaries of social body. The flow of communication reflects the pace and direction of social development and the context of the communication represent the values of the society. The speech pattern has its definite form and therefore its functional features are strictly correlated with the nature social codes. Thus sociolinguistics, as an interdisciplinary study of language use, attempts to show the relationship between language and
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