Essay On Language Development

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Language is a means of communication. The history of a language is the history of human civilization. The literature, culture, civilization and art development are written and preserved by the language. The development of literature is based on its language.
It is the medium by which higher intellectual processes are revealed. It is the most important means for acquiring human knowledge. It plays an important role in the mental, emotional and social development of a person. It is a phenomenon associated with human vocal and auditory communication of ideas. It is the best and most applicable means of verbal interaction among people for exchanging their ideas and feelings. A language is a source of thinking and assimilation of ideas and imagination.
A language contributes directly and indirectly in the personality development of person or child. Language development is a process starting early in human life. It starts with the first cry of a baby and later improves by different forms of human speech and all connections
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Grammatical development involves syntax and morphology. Syntax rules which words to be used and arranged into sentences. Morphology uses the grammatical markers such as tenses, voices etc. There are different stages of language development such as first words, multiple word utterances, and grammatical morphemes. At first a child begins to produce their first words which are related to their environment such as papa, mama, nana, thatha, pets, toys, bye etc. The words are extended to the related environment such as from bye – ba – ball, bull, bib etc. Later it extends to multiple word utterances where a child acquire the language with the combination of more than one word such as come in, sit down etc. Finally they learn grammatical morphemes in a fixed and sequential order. A child will know how to use tenses, articles, plurals, possessive forms and so on. For example a child is able to know how and where to use break – broke – broken –
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