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Specific Language Impairment
Language is imperative in every aspect and communication in our daily lives. We interact and communicate effectively with our words, gesture or mimic to give information to the people around. Linguistic competence is at the mental level and suddenly articulated through speech organs. According to the Piaget’s theory in language acquisition that children in 5 years will have a vocabulary between 10,000 and 15,000 words. It follows that, there are some stages of language acquisition that children will pass to get perfectly language in their olds.
In comparison, there are some children who are unable to speak in their olds because of physical disability that is called as language impairment or more common as specific language impairment or language disorder.
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Language acquirers are not usually conscious of the fact that they are acquiring language, but the aye only aware of the fact that they are using the language for communication.
The stages of language acquisition is approached by two stages language acquisition that ; first language acquisition ( native language development ) and second language acquisition. 1. Stages of First Language Acquisition

Babling Stage
In this stage, we make speech sounds in and out of mother (native) language, moreover we also able to discriminate speech sound.
- 0 – 2 months, baby accomplish crying, in this stage baby will cry to express hunger and discomfort.
- 2 – 4 months, baby accomplish cooing, in this stage baby can express satisfaction or pleasure. For example, baby can mutter like aaa , ooo .
- 4 – 9 months, baby accomplish babbling, gurgling, changing to echolalic babbling. For instance : gagaga, mamama, papapa.
Holophrastic Stage
In general, in holophrastic stage we able to speak one word; meaningful words and compere the
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