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As Children grow they are taken to amazing places, like circus where they can see elephants dancing or see a man make lions and tiger go through a ring of fire. Some people like going to the circus and seeing the animals perform. While others hate seeing animals being held captive. The Last Chance for Animals is a charity that is dedicated to helping abused and or captive animals by legislation, investigation, and campaigning for animals. The Last Chance for animals has and continues to help animals through legislation. The Last Chance for Animals has had a huge impact especially in West Hollywood, California. Thanks to ordinance number eleven – eight hundred seventy-seven, which bans the sale of all fur products in the City of West Hollywood,…show more content…
Another way the LCA has helped animals in a major way is through campaigning. In the 21st century there is only one way to get antiunion and that is through social media. LCA uses public service announcements, social media, and press releases to campaign. Since the founder of Last Chance for Animals was former actor Chris DeRose he has an act for the camera. Many celebrities participate in LCA public service announcements. These PSAs are a way to create awareness and to show the importance animal rights. This also a way to educate and show people how animals are sometimes treated. Social media is a big part of today’s society LCA has used social media to spared awareness and education about animals and how to care for animals through social media. This is a very easy and productive way they get their message across. The last way that Last Chance for Animals campaigns is through education on their website you can get a lot of information over how to care for your animals. But the major way they educate is by talking about all the different types of cruelty animals have and can go through. Last Chance for Animals works on a lot of animal rights issues, and is committed to spreading the true information about animal abuse in today 's society in order to improve the way in which animals are treated

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