Essay On Late Adulthood

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Late adulthood (final life stage) It is defined as the period of life from sixty five years and on. During late adulthood the body cells fail to function normally or produce new body cells for replacing the dead or faulty cell and this is the sign of growing old. This results in physical, biological, psychological, social and cognitive changes.

Physical changes
The physical changes are both externally and internally.

In the external changes,
a) The hair whitens and becomes thin.
b) There is loss of height due to thinning of spinal cartilage and stooped posture.
c) There is elasticity of the skin due to loss of collagen.

In the internal changes,
a) The brain shrinks by 1/3rd and loses neurons and there is decreased blood, O2, glucose
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People tend to be happier in retirement if they have income which is enough for them to maintain a satisfactory living and when they aren’t forced to retire before they are ready. Some people cannot enjoy their life after retirement due to chronic health problems such as arthritis, hypertension, cardiovascular diseases which may be caused because of their working patterns and unhealthy lifestyle during young age.

On an average, Women tend to live 5-6 years older than men because they get married to older men.
It is a very painful condition when the husbands die at a younger age and the wives do not have a support. The responsibilities double and widows tend to blame themselves for the loss and go into depression, denial and seclusion.
At a later stage if the spouse demises the woman tries to deny it more as they feel their support system is lost. They try to find problems in every situation and may have anger issues and eventually go into depression and this can be prevented by close support of family and friends and diverting their mind and giving them happiness in all other ways.

a) Denial-
The person finds it difficult to believe they have a sickness and they are dying. It’s hard for them to accept the reality and deny it and try to seclude
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