Why Kids Should Start Later Essay

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The rant for a later school start time How do you think kids feel when they have to wake up exhausted and pull themselves out of bed to go to school? Kids hate waking up exhausted and aren 't built to wake up early. Some people may say it 's just a thing kids need to learn but it 's not. Kids need school to start at 8:30 or later because less sleep leads to kids not performing at their peak performance level, it can lead to a plethora of medical disorders that can easily be avoided, and kids aren 't wired to wake up early. According to NewsRX health, the more sleep kids get better prepared they will be for school. More sleep gives them more awareness. If they are more aware, they will have fewer tardies. The same goes for absences because they will wake up ready to go to school and they won 't just lay around, they will actually get ready. More sleep also allows for peak performance in school. More sleep will allow kids to focus better when it comes to class. More sleep would allow kids to wake up easier and get ready for the day better. Not only that, but more sleep would allow kids to be better prepared for everything that comes at them. Kids will remember to grab their supplies, so they won 't be unprepared for the school day. Some people say that waking up is just part of youth but they would be wrong. “Waking up early is arbitrary and forced on them against their will,” said The New York Times in “The Case For A Later Start To The School Day” Sleep allows kids to be at the peak academic performance and allows them to focus on school better. If you were a kid and you had…show more content…
The New York Times “The Case For A Later Start To The School Day: Teenagers Need Their Sleep” 14, 2017, February 12, 2018. “Study Finds Potential Economic Upside To Starting School Later In The Day” All Things Considered, September 6, 2017, February 13,
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