How Did Greek Culture Influence Roman Culture

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The influence of latin, greek, and roman culture is everywhere in today's society. Majority of english words come from latin words, the scientific terms for animals also comes from latin. Ancient greek stories are still enjoyed today and teach us important meanings. The ancient greek gods represent things and traits in our daily life. Like Zeus who is the god of rain and sky and is the most powerfulest of god. The Romans and greeks also had slavery just like how we once did but their slavery was very different. Latin words influence our daily life a ton, we use it in medical terms, science, and even in animal terms. It makes plenty of since latin is the root language of most languages we use today like french, spanish, and english. Latin is very popular in medical terms and many animals get their scientific names from the latin words. Like horse in latin it is equus and its scientific name is Equus caballus. We also use latin in our words, like land it comes from the latin word terra which sounds like terrain that means land features. Ancient greek stories always have something in common, they teach us something,sometimes it’s about jealousy and sometimes it’s about love. A lot of our daily legends and stories come from the greek myths. Some of our constellations in space come from these myths as…show more content…
Romans are the people who really started everything to make our world like how it is today. With science, animals and many other things we still use today. A lot of our english words also come from latin which was the language that romans used. We even study latin words today and it’s still a language today, of course it is not as popular as spanish or english it is still used. Romans had slavery just like americans did, of course it was not the same thing but it still happened. That is how romans shaped our world and how their culture affects our life
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