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Limary Rodríguez, 21 years old and from development, education and empowerment of young in the Latino community. I believe in the transformation of our communities by the exchange of ideas and the inclusion of all. But, in order achieve, we as young people need platforms like this program to help us grow as líderes and individuals. I have not had any relevant professional experience. But I am prepared to live new experience that will make me grow as a professional and a better human being. I 'm open to any challenge that comes. Considering that I am and live in the Island of Puerto Rico I could not say I have had the (specifically) history in the community service with the Latino community. My history with the community service start way before I could even recognize the…show more content…
During the event, I work with the collection of funds, donation coming from different industries and planning for the team. I heard about the position for the Líderes Summit through an email sent by the NCLR. I had not assisted to a Líderes event or any annual conference from the NCLR. I will contribute to the team and success of the event through my commitment and dedication. I will give my best, I will work hard on my task and will use my knowledge in order to make a good work. My enthusiasm and disposal to learn will help me make my contribution to the team worth it. From the experience I hope to gain more knowledge, memories, good experience and why not... friends. My goal in order to contribute to the Conference outreach and growth of the Líderes Network is to introduce the program in my community and campus. This way more people will know the program and young people can benefit from it. I recognize the importance of a range to more Latino communities. I feel like us, Puerto Rican (for many reasons) don 't feel part of the Latino community, I want to make that

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