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Laughter therapy is a therapeutic and personal growth process that through laughter and other techniques with high degree of interaction found a way to feel full, satisfied and happy. Also, wants people to release tensions. The benefits of this therapy in mind is stimulates the disconnection of guilt, anxiety, stimulates creativity, increases the production of hormones (natural antidepressants, pain reducers). In the body mobilizes the spine to help relieve stress and back pain, improves blood pressure, promotes oxygenation. On a personal area reduces loneliness, promotes positive thoughts, values, sense of confidence, peace, empathy increases, , leadership, respect. The benefits at the community level, reducing the need for power and control,…show more content…
As indicated by the Society for Humor Studies, laughing 100 times is equivalent to an exercise routine of 10 minutes. This would imply that laughter helps burn calories by the movement of the muscles of the body that creates and decreases the production of hormones in the body such as cortisol that causes stress. In other words, laughter helps to see things from an optimistic perspective and facilitates the search for solutions. Environments where raw humor, facilitate the creation of more family-friendly environment and also contribute to the development of communication within organizations. Those who laugh are more proactive and constantly fear less authoritarian leaders. They know how to deal with difficult situations with a positive attitude.
Finally , we can see that laughter therapy is a simple and economical method that helps us to improve our quality of work and personal life . Now I ask you , who saw the movie Patch Adams? Patch Adams is the creator of laughter therapy . He says, and I quote, "the most healing is love , humor and creativity. " I leave this last thought : " your smile, your best remedy. When you smile, even when you're in a bad mood , you will improve immediately , because just thinking smile and using the muscles to do so, it is sufficient to activate the chemistry of happiness in your brain.

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