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To Protect And To Serve: Law Enforcement Police Degree

Do you have a deep sense of justice and a desire to serve communities in an impactful way? Does the thought of protecting lies and property while upholding laws sound appealing? Becoming a police officer can be dangerous and stressful, but there are few other jobs that are as rewarding when you make a difference. Modern law enforcement is more complex than ever before, which means that in order to become a police officer it is very beneficial to have a degree in this field.

Law Enforcement Police Degree Information

A high school diploma or GED is typically the minimum requirements for police officers in terms of formal education. However, applicants with associate’s or bachelor’s degrees are typically preferred by most law enforcement organizations. These degrees can also help those in the field of law enforcement with moving on to more advanced positions.

Associates Degree in Law Enforcement

An associates degree in this field is
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In most cases your primary duties as a police officer will be based around the protection of people as well as property. This can involve being assigned to certain areas, which must be patrolled and responding to calls. Police officers are also required to enforce the law, issue citations and make arrests where required. Occasionally, you might also be called upon to testify in court cases. Other duties can include responding to domestic disturbances or making traffic stops. Because police officers are often first at the scene of a crime or accident you might need to provide first aid to injured parties if paramedics have not yet arrived.

Not all of your duties as a police officer will be dangerous or exciting though. In addition to patrolling, a lot of your time could also be spent on activities such as writing reports or filling out paperwork.

Is There Anything That Could Prevent Me From Working In This

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