Key Themes In Leadership Essay

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In this paper, it defines and describes leadership and empowerment, and defining the different leadership styles that can be observed and identified in various aspects of one’s life, which can be seen in social groups, workplace, family etc. In the assignment, it analyse the roles in which a great leader portrays and their qualities. Furthermore, it describes the main themes of leadership and empowerment, such as ecosystems of leadership, influence, character of a leader, and strength, which will be discussed as a whole and how these key themes interrelate and integrate. Finally, it describes the value of strengths of leadership.

Defining Leadership and Empowerment

When defining leadership and empowerment, it is not as straightforward
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“Strength is an attribute or quality of an individual that accounts for successful performance; it is the characteristics that are demonstrated when you perform at your best” (Northouse, 2015: 50). When people especially in leadership positions, are aware of their strengths and weaknesses, they can draw from their strengths and enhance it by utilizing their strengths, this applies to team members, co-workers and followers. Once a leader is able to identify their strengths and weaknesses, they are able to identify other people’s strengths and enable them to build on that instead of focusing on what they cannot do. “According to Northouse (2015: 50) strengths are positive features of ourselves that make us effective and help us…show more content…
It emphasizes on how leadership is found in almost all aspects of one’s life and various institutions. The three key themes are described which are; ecosystems of leadership, leadership and influence, and the character of a leader. The three key themes are them discussed as whole, as it is all interlinked with leadership and empowerment. The value of strengths for leadership is discussed in and how strength is essential in order to flourish personally and in the organisation as one learn to recognize one’s strength and building on
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