Instructional Leadership Model

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The leadership model practised in Senior School is instructional leadership. Southworth (2002:79) says that “instructional leadership ... is strongly concernedwith teaching and learning, including the professional learning of teachers as well as student growth”. Bush and Glover’s (2002) definition Leadership and management stresses the direction of the influence process: Instructional leadership focuses on teaching and learning and on the behaviour of teachers in working with students. Leaders’ influence is targeted at student learning via teachers. The emphasis is on the direction and impact of influence rather than the influence process itself. The leadership practice in Senior School particularly reflects the effectiveness in improving …show more content…

These challenges are largely evident in both sub schools and eventually contribute to the declining of the students’ performance of their LOTE …show more content…

Capra (1997) stressed that Promoters of sustainability cultivate and recreate an environment that has the capacity to stimulate continuous improvement on a broad front. They enable people to adapt to and prosper in their increasingly complex environment by learning from one another’s diverse practices. Yet, changes are always inevitable in a fast-paced educational environment. For instance, one of the new initiatives of 2014 was that all the subject teachers are expected to give the students homework according to a fixed so called Homework Timetable. The rationale was that the senior management level received emails from parents concerning the workload of students’ homework. The setbacks of the initiative were obvious, in particular for LOTE subjects, which require the learners to practise on a daily basis to enhance retention. In Middle School, the LOTE teachers can still allocate a lesson once a week to revise the contents covered in the week, but daily practice was much more depended on the student’s own initiative and motivation. In Senior School, however, there were too much to cover in each lesson, the teacher had to teach in every single lesson. If the students only given homework according to the fixed schedule, the teaching and learning would be greatly affected. This brings us back

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