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An Army leader is anyone who by virtue of assumed role or assigned responsibility inspires and influences people to accomplish organizational goals. Being an Army leader is the most far-reaching and strenuous jobs in the Army. But how does one prepare themselves for such a strenuous role? It all begins with reflections on yourself. It’s not always about what you know and how well trained you are but, the things you are willing to change about who you are to become a better a leader. As I prepare myself to take on the responsibility to lead and train soldiers, I realize there are a few aspects I will need to change about myself to become a better leader and person. I realized that I am a closed-minded individual. I find myself being extremely uncomfortable when it comes to change and…show more content…
I despise anything and everyone that moves slow! As a Non-Commissioned Officer I will need a whole lot of patients, I’ve came to the conclusion not everyone will have the same work ethic as me. I understand that I will have new soldiers to the Army that will require a lot of my patients. My impatience will comprise my ability train and give soldiers the attention they need to develop. Once this happens I have failed myself as a leader. Being impatient has caused increased stress in my life. I always feel as if I’m pressured to get things done fast and in a hurry. I overwhelm myself and create unnecessary stress by doing this. I will already have enough on my plate with soldiers and the organization, so adding more stress will prevent me performing to the best of my abilities. Stress is inevitable but I can control some aspects of it by being patient. I sometimes find myself rushing to get things done and I over look certain instructions that are essential to my task. The quality of my work and tasks can suffer from being impatient. Having more patients will result in work and leadership that meets and exceeds the

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