Essay On Leadership Skills

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4.1 Developments of leadership skills: Development of leadership is most like training of business. This is the process of improving performance and efforts. An organization is successful which is able to develop effective communication skills by the use of training courses and seminars which is helpful to make a leadership environment. There is the difference between leadership theories and practising because it is bit easy to speak but comparatively difficult in practical. Leaders are the need of the company. Effective leadership requires developing attitude, behaviour and humanity. A good leader can attract his followers by putting charismatic effect on them. There are some techniques which really help to develop leadership skills. Formal…show more content…
Leaders should have the ability to learn through the experience so they are able to take the right decision at the right time. A leader needs to develop the integrity so he can motivate the people to get the objective of the organization. 4.2 Report on the usefulness of methods used to plan the development of leadership skills? It is important for leaders to develop more skill to cope with future challenges, globalization and demands. As discussed earlier about current and future leadership requirements and leadership plan, it is very important that the method used for the improvement of leadership skill should be more effective and useful so that the objective can be achieved. “Leadership requires vision, enthusiasm, self-confidence, empowerment, action enabling of others, getting things done, and making things happen (David I.bertocci, 2009). Formal learning is a very good way to improve skill and get further knowledge about upcoming challenges. The extent of which leadership competencies are acquired and used depends on the type of development activities that occur (e.g., training, experimental learning, self-learning), facilitating condition. Useful methods used to plan development of
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