Essay On Learner Needs

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Learners needs vary in so many ways in a classroom. They happen during classroom or outside, but learners need to be well nurtured and well addressed. The needs of a learner represent the gap between what the learner wants to get out of the learning experience.
Learners would also want to get their current state of knowledge, skills and enthusiasm. It is important to establish a new learning environment so that they may assess preparedness. The main need of the curriculum is to be given appropriate levels of work and to know about what is to be learned and to set realistic short term targets and to have support in the acquisition of component of pre-requisite skills. This is one of the needs that learners face in the classroom. This need should be addressed accordingly.
Maslow’s hierarchy of needs also involves the subject of needs in a classroom., where it involves physiological need ,safety and security, love and belonging ,self-esteem and lastly self-actualization .with this it reveals that learners have needs as learners and their needs should be addressed individually by the teacher to avoid failure amongst learners and to also avoid bad outcomes to is also important to know learners
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Language is a daily need to learners as they use it every day and it need to be taught well. Lack of proper education in language results in lack of knowledge and skills to learners. It should be taught in a more understandable way because it also entails daily teaching and functioning of the classroom. Language should be taught well from the early phases of education and mastered. It becomes difficult to leavens to know and excel in other subjects when the language level is poor. Learners struggle a lot during examination s trying to understand the question and that resulting to learners not performing to their best level. Language is a need to learners and it should be taught well to avoid poor performances to
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