Kolb's Learning Style Essay

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Learning Styles.
Honey and Mumford associated Kolb’s learning model to four learning styles. The four distinct learning styles are activist, reflector, theorist and pragmatist. The Learning Style Questionnaire developed by them have aligned my profile scores as such:- Activist =12, Reflector =13, Theorist =11, Pragmatist =11.
I do agree with the outcome of the questionnaire towards a longer extent as it suggests that my preferred learning style is an activist and it shows a lower preference on pragmatist while keeping a moderate balance between reflector and theorist. As activist being a preferred style I like to keep aside a few calculated risks and try something new with less preparation time. I don’t keep an enclosed boundary for doing new
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It is quite often that we find people facing problems in their day to day life, may it be household problems, social problems or economic problems. The career I want to pursue is being an entrepreneur, not solely for the reason of earning money but also to serve the problems of the society. According to Holland there are six personality types which are relevant enough to be compared against occupational choices. The personalities which describe me the most are “realistic”, “social”, and “enterprising”.
I would say that a realistic personality fits me well as I generally prefer to “learn by doing” in a practical way. I usually bring up my ideas into reality and prefer working with those ideas physically as it provides me the chance to twitch the ideas and note down the sustainability of the idea. On the other hand I also tend to stay active throughout the day which fits right into this personality style. This learning style has a good match with my career choice as it would help me use these tools to produce tangible results. Being realistic would not only allow me to pitch a tent in a forest but also pitch a business idea into the physical world. This personality style would permit me to keep a straightforward attitude which is essential to maintain a healthy business
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