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My extended period of infirmity gave me lots of spare time. I did a lot of thinking, crying, and reflection over the kinds of reaction I have in different circumstances. It gave me a lot of time to battle the inner conflicts that were buzzing around my head. This was partly because of the effect of SIBO, which made me withdraw from everything happening around me and focus solely on myself.
At the beginning of 2014, I set out on a path of physical and mental self-discovery, and the results have been nothing I could ever have imagined when I was starting. The journey so far has been quite revealing for me, and it has taught me many fascinating and frightening things about myself.
One of the most valuable lessons I have learned so far is to accept myself for who I am,
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Over a year of thinking and reflecting has rekindled new hopes and aspirations, and notwithstanding my shortcomings, I am confident of living through my dreams and life plans.
Learning to love yourself can be quite tricky. I find it difficult to explain it since the experience is unique to every person, but I will give some hints on how I got to where I am.
Self-love is gradual, just like every good thing in life. I still experience momentary negative thoughts about myself sometimes, but rather than let it take hold of me, I assess the situation to identify the cause of the feeling, and I banish them from my thoughts.
Self-love takes perseverance. There is this nagging little voice that’s always telling you of your inadequacies; you must not listen to it. Get a hold of yourself and impress positivity on your consciousness.
The journey is not a smooth ride, it really is bumpy. It’s like when you need someone to love, and you need them like crazy. I had that intense feeling about myself, I just wanted to be at peace with myself, but it wasn’t something I could wish to

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