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Ethics is described as the moral believes by which a person will conduct a specific activity. It is these moral believes between the client and legal professional that need to agree to decide the outcome of the case. This essay will handle with legal ethics regarding to being a fit and proper person, the clients needs, professional conduct, professional responsibility and the legal system in South Africa.

Before being admitted as a legal professional a person needs to be regarded as being a fit and proper person to practice the noble and precise field of law. The requirement of being fit and proper is seen as one of the most important characteristics of the legal profession but is not to be found in legislation nor is it defined. The onus
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Thereafter a bar examination needs to be passed before being admitted. In South Africa a individual will be thouroughly screened before being admitted and thus legal ethics should be well known to a new attorney. During the first stage a person will undergo four years of university education to obtain an LLB-degree. During this stage a course regarding ethics in the legal profession wil be completed. The second stage entails practise at a practical legal training school where the candidate attorney will undergo practical training regarding legal ethics. During the final two stages a inidivdual applies for clerkship and employment, where legal ethics will be familiar.

Legal ethics is important in South Africa because of transformation into a non-racial and democratic society where human-rights ,equity and dignity of all citizens are respected and protected by legislation.Because of this transformation legal ethics remains an important and senstive issue.This gives reason as to why all legal matters need to handled by a fit and proper person, who has profesional responsibility and conducts matters in a professional way while maining the clients needs as utmost
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